Wedding of Jael and Anton



On this website you will find all the information that you need for our upcoming wedding.

The venues:

The wedding service will take place in the pentecostal church in Leksand. Its located on Hagagatan 4, 793 30 Leksand.

The wedding party will take place at Övermo bystuga, about 10 minutes by car from the church. Its located on Övermo Bystuguvägen, 793 35 Leksand.

The schedule:

13:00 Wedding Ceremony

15:00 Welcome drink and fika

18:00 Dinner

22:00 Party

What you need to know:

If you need accomodation, we ask you to organize it yourselves. However we want to give you some suggestions.

• Siljansnäs Hotel, doubleroom for 1.200kr per night, 20mins from Leksand
• Leksands Hotel, doubleroom for 1.500kr per night, in Leksand

Holiday houses:

• with Airbnb between 800-1500kr per night, in Leksand, Insjön (15mins from Leksand) and around
• Leksand Resort, 1000kr per night, 5mins from Leksand

• Leksands Resort, 500kr per night, 5mins from Leksand

Dresscode: Odd blazer
• Men: this implies a different coloured pair of trousers and blazer. For example this could mean a blue blazer with a light pair of chinos, accompanied by a formal shirt and formal shoes. The shirt can be one coloured or patterned. Tie is optional.

• Women: a summer dress, patterned or one coloured. Opt for a tea-lenght, knee-lenght, or midi dress. An elegant pantsuit or jumpsuit is also appropriate. When deciding on which shoes to wear, take into consideration the party beeing mainly outdoors.

Remember that although the wedding takes place in summer, the evenings can still be chilly.

• By plane:

The flights usually only arrive in Stockholm. From there you can take the train to Leksand. It's in one go for around 500kr and takes 3hr. If this is not possible we could organize someone to pick you up.

• By train:
Depending on where you travel from, there are good connections, booked early enough for a cheap price. The station to go would be Leksand.

• By car:
It takes about 7hr from Malmö to Leksand. The ride is pretty relaxed and you see quite a lot from the south of Sweden. We recommend to drive through Örebro, that's the best road. The adress would be Leksand, Dalarna.

Covid 19:
Even though we hope that the situation with covid will be eased up by next summer, we are making sure to follow the swedish recommendations and guidelines.

For futher up to date information, check out the following website.


Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. 

You will find all relevant contact information below.

• Entertainment:
We would love to have some entertaining parts at our wedding, and we know there are many talents around us. So if you want to do a performance, host a game or something totally different be encouraged to do that. Don't worry about the language, there will always be a translation back to english if needed. Please contact our show masters Mikaela and Samuel for questions and planning.

• Cakes / Desserts:
During the party we will have a traditional swedish Fika as well as dessert. For this we would love your contribution. Contact the bride in this matter.

• Practical help:
If you have the possibility we appreciate any practical help the days leading up to the wedding and the day after. This includes decorations, setting the tables, carrying stuff etc. Please contact the groom regarding that.

Of course the biggest gift to us is your presence at the wedding and you celebrating with us.

If you want to gift us anything else though, feel free to check out our wishlist. Cash gifts are also welcome but not expected.

For germans: Transfer to the brides bank acount:

DE78 1001 0010 0441 5731 21

For swedes: A swish transaction to 0707223337 is the easiest.

The wedding will have different guests from different nations and cultures from around the world. We would love for this to show. If you have the option to wear a traditional dress of any sort you are more than welcome to do so. For example, dirndl, lederhosen, leksandsdräkt or any traditional piece of clothing from different parts around the world.

Contact information:

The bride: +46 76 112 21 59

The groom: +46 70 722 33 37

Or through this email. This can also be used for general questions.

The parents of the bride: Michaela and Niels.

The parents of the groom: Kristina and Mattias.

Questions about the bride or groom:

Hannah: +49 15 902 698 858

Robert: +46 73 094 75 70

Show masters and entertainment planning:

Mikaela: +46 72 183 63 17

Samuel: +46 76 134 82 65

For wedding or party practicalities:

The groom: +46 70 722 33 37

For questions about accomodation:

Lisbet: +46 70 571 57 65

Will you attend?

In order to plan and manage all of the practical elements around the wedding we are going to need your replies on the 11th of April at the latest.

We can't wait to celebrate this day with you!

Jael and Anton